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I appreciate a simple life.

I don’t have the luxury of living in the Colorado countryside where I grew up, but I can carve out my own version of meadowlark-filled fields here in the city. My little cottage, windows wide, a good book, a hard morning’s work in the flower beds, a cup of tea, heartfelt conversation … All is grace.

I’ll go deep with you, but I won’t do drama. The world gets louder and more anxious every day — but we don’t have to follow its lead. Let’s humbly use the breath we’ve been graciously given this day: To nurture gentle, quiet spirits that speak civility and kindness and hope to chaotic souls in our midst. To labor diligently without seeking self-promotion. And to joyfully practice common courtesies — courtesies others might deem beneath them but that are building blocks of decent, generous living.

We were never promised an easy life free from loss, struggle, pain, heartache, doubt. But we don’t journey alone. You are more than welcome here. May your heart be encouraged so that you can encourage others.

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