What she learned … was that every biscuit did not have to be perfect or uniform on the outside. It was the chemistry, not the aesthetics, that mattered. If you had good flour and fresh ingredients, and took the biscuits from the oven at just the perfect time, well, ‘it didn’t make no difference if you had a ragged biscuit or two in the batch.’ 

The Best Cook in the World 

Everyone needs a basic biscuit recipe. I think. But maybe that’s because southern traditions hold a reliable place in my heart.

Still, whether you need the foundation for a fast supper, a meal that stretches to feed unexpected guests, or place of pride to showcase summer-infused preserves, the humble biscuit can’t be beat.

“Basic” is a tough ask of gluten-free, dairy-free baking, though. No matter what you try — what tricks other people swear by — a GF/DF biscuit won’t be the same as the buttermilk beauty your grandmother made. But the taste and texture can still be really good.

This recipe produces a light, moist, open-crumb biscuit thanks to a blend of GF flours and DF sour cream instead of DF milk.

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